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April 30, 2021
Mosaic HomeServices

by Mosaic HomeServices

When homeowners are considering installing a new fencing solution on their property, there are often questions like does a fence increase my home’s value? And which type of fence adds to property value the most?

Selecting a fencing option is a big decision for homeowners, not only because they want to choose the right colour and style option to complement their property, but because this decision will have a direct impact on the value of their home. 

A fence can definitely increase the value of a residential, multi-family, or commercial property. How does it add value? What kind of value does it add? Check out some of our reasons below!

If you’re planning on living in your home for the next couple of years, investing in a new fence is a great addition to your lifestyle! Adding both privacy and protection to your home will add value to your lifestyle as you can feel more secure on your property and live more comfortably. 

If you’re selling your home then the addition of a fence will appeal to potential buyers that prioritize properties with fences. Furthermore, houses with fences are valued higher and do tend to sell for more money. This means that you will definitely receive more value back from your investment when you sell your home. 

It’s no secret that a fence will increase both the value of the homeowner’s life and the equity invested into their home. But which type of fence will add to property value the most? More specifically, does a vinyl or a wood fence increase the value of your home more? 

This one is easy! A vinyl fence is a great addition to any home, is extremely durable, offers a timeless look, has no maintenance features, and has a longer lifespan than a wood fence. This means that if you were in the process of selling your home that it would have a higher resale value as the potential buyers wouldn’t request that you replace the existing fence. 

Interested in learning more about the value of adding a vinyl privacy fence to your property? Connect with our team today! Our fencing contractors would be happy to help get you some more information on our products and services. 

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