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Privacy Fencing

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Here at Everlast Vinyl Fencing Company,

we can appreciate the privacy that a fence can offer. Sometimes a person just wants to enjoy a little time in their backyard without all of the potential prying eyes of neighbors or cars passing by. This is a luxury we think that everyone should enjoy, and it’s why we offer private fencing installation and repair services in the Edmonton area.

Benefits of Privacy Fencing

There are a few different reasons that people might want to install a privacy fence around their property. Here are some of the most common ones that we run into:


Simply put, seclusion is the main purpose of a privacy fence. The fact is that many people like to enjoy their backyard in peace, but that is just not always possible with the way neighborhoods are laid out and packed together. Whether you’re looking to let your kids play without being seen, have a pool you want to keep pool crashers out of, or just want to get away from prying eyes, a privacy fence is a perfect solution.


A split fence will generally keep people out, but it does not work so well for animals. A privacy fence, however, will keep many of the animals that can get through split fence out of your home. Of course, birds and insects will always fly/crawl right over, but rabbits, foxes, coyotes, badgers, and a host of other critters can be effectively blocked from your yard with privacy fencing.


Generally any type of fence will provide property dilenation, but a privacy fence can be beneficial for the people who are also looking to enjoy these other benefits. There is one potential obstacle with getting privacy fencing regarding property delineation, and that is getting in line with local permits, HOA rules, and zoning regulations. Oftentimes, your neighbors will be genuinely happy you’ve chosen a privacy fence, although it’s generally a good idea to talk with them about it first.


There are some instances where a privacy fence can offer valuable protection. If your yard contains a garden or even valuable belongings, then these can potentially be damaged any time a serious storm rolls in. A well-built privacy fence can often be the difference between major winds causing damage in your backyard and your yard being able to (mostly) weather the storm.

Privacy Fence

Privacy Fence with Lattice Detail

Privacy Fence with Rail Detail

Have we piqued your interest about our private fencing services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas? We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services. Feel free to give us a call at your earliest convenience, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to speak with you.

Choose from a variety of styles, designs and sizes to find the vinyl or wood fence that suits your landscaping needs.

Should any such defect occur during the lifetime of the registered purchaser, our manufacturer will repair or replace, at its option, the defective fencing product.

Our team is ready to answer all of your fencing questions and provide you with a clear estimate based on your Edmonton fencing needs.


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