Vinyl Fencing

Everlast Vinyl Fencing can provide the perfect Vinyl Privacy Fence to compliment your home or landscape, whether you’re looking for the security of a vinyl privacy fence or the traditional accent of a picket fence. Choose from a variety of styles, designs and sizes to find the fence that suits your landscaping needs.

Premium vinyl privacy fences provide protection and privacy for your yard space. Vinyl fences are cost effective, last longer with less maintenance, and create a strong barrier from the wind.

Vinyl Fence Product Details

Our products contain recycled vinyl with a minimum 10 parts per 100 of Dupont, non-chalking Ti02 (Titanium Dioxide) ultraviolet inhibitors. They are 100% lead free and meet ASTM Certifications.

Premium Vinyl Fencing is manufactured with the mono-extrusion method to ensure impact and UV protection throughout the entire fence. We add impact modifiers to the PVC to increase the strength and flexibility. In addition to the Ti02, we also use an extra UV Inhibitor to ensure you a lifetime of low maintenance with your vinyl privacy fence. All of our additives are incorporated throughout the entire thickness of the PVC, giving you the best product on the market.

With Premium Vinyl Fencing we supply 1 7/8″ to 2 3/8″ galvanized steel posts, depending on the client’s needs and the typical elements the fence is exposed to regularly. This is standard in all our full height fences. Other features include the top rail tie and an aluminum insert in the bottom rail. These features combined will assure you the best vinyl privacy fence in on the market.


Jasper is our most popular fence style, offering privacy and security. The Jasper provides a sleek design in a variety of colours, which can also be combined in your ideal pattern to blend with your home and landscape.

Height: 6’

Width: 6’ or 8′

Post: 5″x 5″ (A01)

Post Cap: Ball, Colonial, Internal Flat, Flat, and Gothic Caps

Top Rail: 2″ x 6″ (A02) Bottom Rail: 2″ x 6″ (A02), aluminum insert

Picket Planks: 7/8″ x 11″ , Tongue & Groove (A03)

U Channel: 7/8″ x 3/4″ (A27)

Matching Gate: Available

Colours: White, Stone, Almond, Clay, Rustic Birch, Driftwood, Espresso, & Pecan

12 Reasons To Buy A Vinyl Privacy Fence From Everlast Vinyl Fencing

  1. Gate posts are a 5″ X 5″ X 8′ aluminum I-Beam which are set into a hole in the ground about three and a half feet and then cemented in. They’re extremely solid and providing an “absolutely no movement of the gate post” support for our gates.
  2. Horizontal rails are the largest available, with the heaviest thickest vinyl. Coupled with I-Beam aluminum inserts, these large rails provide outstanding support and resistance to sagging.
  3. Fence posts are set to a span of 8 feet to ensure our fences do not sag. More Posts = Stronger Fence.
  4. Vinyl is a proprietary blend providing the most resistance to fading, chalking, and impact breakage.
  5. Fence posts are galvanized steel 2 3/8” diameter. (compared to 1 7/8” with competitors).
  6. Gate hardware is very strong and fully adjustable.
  7. Horizontal rails have four notches on each end to help ensure that the rail remains inside the vinyl post. Also, we affix a special insert that prevents the top rail from pulling out of the sleeve.
  8. Specially designed collars allow the fence post sleeve to be adjusted in all four directions for fine tuning the elevation of the fence. Although the steel post might move up or down due to frost, the fence can be adjusted to remain straight and level.
  9. Galvanized steel posts (8’ long) are pneumatically pounded into the ground at least 3 1/2′ to ensure the fence will not lean or succumb to wind.
  10. Fences come with a limited warranty which is transferable to a new owner if and when the property changes hands.
  11. Everlast Vinyl Fencing is fully insured and WCB compliant. All of our contractors must pass a significant screening process in order to contract with us.
  12. Everlast Vinyl Fencing provides fencing at competitive pricing, not necessarily the lowest! Lower pricing dictates corners being cut somewhere (product quality). Using inferior quality materials will create future issues. Everlast Vinyl Fencing is a company with an excellent reputation. We pride ourselves in working with our customers to ensure our reputation remains intact.