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February 19, 2021
Mosaic HomeServices

by Mosaic HomeServices

Each fencing project, whether it is a condominium fencing project size or a single-family house project, is assigned a project manager to walk you through each portion of the project. From beginning to end this individual will help you receive your quote, will communicate with family members, neighbors, and board members, will order your specific project materials, and will be there during the installation portion of the project. This is done to ensure that during each step there is communication with our clients and to ensure that all of your vinyl fencing needs are being met. 

So what kind of fencing solutions are available for multifamily properties? During your initial consultation, you will be able to go over the design ideas and functionality options that you’re searching for and your estimator will be able to create a custom fencing solution. 

Whether you’re looking for a condominium privacy fence option, an apartment patio fencing solution, or are just looking for fencing design ideas, we’ve got the team and the experience you need.

  • Condominium fencing solutions:
    • Most condominium owners want a premium vinyl fence that will provide optimum privacy for tenants, durability for long-lasting use, and no maintenance features for easy upkeep. That’s a perfect combination for a premium vinyl fence!

      Make sure to check out our privacy fencing section on our vinyl fence page for more details!

  • Apartment patio fencing solutions:
    • When living in an apartment complex, tenants often are searching for ways to increase their privacy from their neighbours and other tenants, what better way to do this than with a premium vinyl fence section! Lightweight, customizable, and available in various colours and styles the possibilities are endless. 

So if you’re searching for a fencing solution for a multifamily property, connect with our team of fencing contractors today! We’d be happy to go over the details with you and help create a customized option for you. Call our office today at 780-651-1562.

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