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July 29, 2022
Emma Dietze

by Emma Dietze

Having your property fully fenced brings peace of mind to many homeowners and property managers. Here at Everlast Vinyl Fencing in Edmonton we are proud to offer premium vinyl fence Edmonton services to all of our clients. There are endless benefits to buying a vinyl fence for your property including extreme durability, no maintenance features, pest-resistance, a timeless look, unsurpassed privacy, amazing warranty, and a number of different colour and style options to best complement your property. 

When our clients are doing their due diligence and researching the features that a vinyl fence will offer, one of the main questions that our representatives get is How Much Does A Vinyl Fence Cost?

Now if you asked this question in 2020 our team would start by explaining that a vinyl fence is an incredible investment for your property as it will not only offer the benefits we listed above, but it will also contribute to the equity of your property. They would then go on to explain that a vinyl fence in Edmonton may have a higher initial investment cost than a wood fence but the overall lifetime cost will be cheaper as you don’t have to worry about continuously servicing your wood fence and painting / staining it every couple of years. The time and costs that you would save over the lifetime from investing in a vinyl fence will outweigh the higher initial costs.

However, now it’s 2021! Times change and the fencing market is constantly evolving. Vinyl fencing Edmonton services are now extremely compatible with wood fencing Edmonton services! Because of a supply shortage of lumber in 2020 the price of a wood fence has increased to the point where a wooden fence and a vinyl fence are virtually the same. So when you’re looking for a brand new premium vinyl fence in Edmonton this year consider taking advantage of this price comparison and choose a Vinyl Fence from Everlast Vinyl Fencing! 

Our Edmonton Fencing Contractors would be happy to go over all of the details of getting a vinyl fence for your home or business. Are you interested in learning more about our Vinyl Fence Edmonton Services? Reach out to our fencing contractors today!

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