Everlast Vinyl Fencing can provide the perfect Wood Fence for your home or landscape, whether you’re looking for the security of a privacy fence or the traditional accent of a picket fence. Choose from a variety of styles, designs, and sizes to find the wood fence that suits your landscaping needs.

We use only the highest quality wood fencing materials to provide protection and privacy for your yard space, in addition to being cost effective and creating a barrier from the wind.

We have entry level wood fencing to match any budget, or beautiful varieties to enhance your yard or landscaping. Our team will work with you to make sure your wood fence looks great and also fits with your budget. Our experienced professional fence installers can help you assess the state of your fence and give you recommendations for improvement and maintenance.

10 Reasons to buy a WOODEN FENCE from Everlast Fencing

  1. 12” diameter holes drilled 3 to 4 feet deep
  2. All post holes are filled with concrete up to 4 inches from the top
  3. We use only pressure treated lumber to ensure a long-lasting fence
  4. We inspect all lumber to provide only the best quality materials
  5. All gate posts have a 2×6 on top of the post to keep it from moving or sagging
  6. Use a 2×4 stringer to secure the fence board from warping
  7. All gates come with spring loaded hinges and adjustable latches
  8. We remove any extra dirt from the holes, so you don’t have to worry about it
  9. Everlast Fencing is fully insured and WCB compliant. All of our contractors must pass a significant screening process in order to contract with us.
  10. Fences come with a 1 year installation warranty.