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September 1, 2020
Mosaic HomeServices

by Mosaic HomeServices

Property managers are incredibly busy and deal with a lot day in and day out. Not only do property managers take care of the tenants at their properties, they also have to take care of the properties themselves. Property managers manage setting rent prices, collecting rent, and budgeting for property maintenance services. From inside to outside, property managers need to keep their properties looking their best for current and future tenants alike. That’s where a fence company in Edmonton comes in. Tenants will judge a property by their first impression of it. By installing a high quality, aesthetically pleasing fence on the perimeter of their properties, property managers will be able to attract more potential tenants. 

However, finding a trustworthy, premium fence company in Edmonton that can install a high-quality fence can be a challenge. Fencing is a large investment and there are, therefore, many important factors to consider before hiring a fence company in Edmonton. Here at Everlast Fencing, we want to make this process as simple and straightforward as we can for property managers in Edmonton. Today, we’ll take you through 4 things property managers should look for in a fence when hiring a fence company in Edmonton! 

1. A Low Maintenance Fence 

As we’ve discussed, property managers have a lot of tasks on their hands and don’t need to spend their time doing fence maintenance when they have other, more important things to be doing. Property managers should spend time ensuring that the fence they are getting installed won’t require regular maintenance. Time put into researching and hiring the right fence company in Edmonton will save property managers time, effort, and money in the long run. Low maintenance fences are easy to clean, don’t require time-consuming repairs regularly, and can generally be left alone once they are installed. The vinyl fencing that Everlast Fencing installs is a breeze to put together, clean, and fix (if necessary), making it the perfect fencing solution for property managers in Edmonton. 

2. A Long-Lasting Fence 

Similarly, property managers shouldn’t be required to replace and reinstall a new fence on their properties every few years. They should instead look for a fence that will last around 40 years and has a warranty. Vinyl fencing does last longer than other types of fencing. Unlike wood fencing, vinyl fencing will not rot over time, lose its paint/colour, or break under pressure. From the integrity of the material itself to the timeless, to the appealing appearance of the fence, vinyl fencing is the right choice for property managers. Vinyl fences will retain their strength and beauty for 40 years, allowing property managers to enjoy the benefits of the fence without needing to constantly work on it. 

Vinyl fences have ribbed interiors and are flexible, meaning that they can resist the regular pressure that they’ll undergo. Tenants won’t need to worry about the fence around their property breaking and will rest assured that it will protect and enhance their home. With VEKA’s Limited Lifetime Warranty that vinyl fences come with, tenants and property managers alike will be able to enjoy the vinyl fence for years and years to come. Vinyl fencing truly is the no hassle, long-lasting fence solution of property managers’ dreams. 

3. An Aesthetically-Pleasing Fence 

One of property managers’ main goals is to bring in (and retain) tenants for their properties. Every aspect of their properties stands as an advertisement for them, portraying to potential tenants that they not only take care of the tenants but that they also take care of the property. The current state of any property when toured by potential tenants is a reflection of the effort and care that property managers have for the property and tenants. When investing in high-quality fencing for their properties, it’s important for property managers to consider if the fence will increase the overall curb appeal. The fence is often one of the first things that potential tenants will see when visiting a property for the first time. By having an Edmonton fence company install an aesthetically-pleasing fence, property managers can make sure that they’re making a great first impression on visitors. Whether or not you have the nicest looking building, if it is surrounded by an old, rotting fence, it won’t have as much curb appeal. 

Vinyl fencing provides a timeless, classic look and brings a level of sophistication and elegance to any property. Vinyl fencing from Everlast Fencing can also be customised according to the property managers’ desires. From colours to gate latches to style options, the vinyl fence will complement and complete different properties in their own unique ways. With standard, signature, and variegated colours and three different fence styles, vinyl fencing can be customised to suit each different property’s needs individually. This way, they’ll look the best and provide the most curb appeal to entice potential tenants. 

4. A Cost-Effective Fence 

Property managers want (and need) the most bang for their buck. They don’t want to be exhausting their budget on property maintenance or property improvement projects that don’t directly add value to them. Instead, they need to ensure that the investments that they make have direct return through more tenants and, therefore, more revenue. When hiring a fence company in Edmonton, property managers need to make sure that the fence that they’re getting installed is cost-effective and provides value directly to them. 

Durability of the fence is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when it comes to cost-effectiveness for property managers in Edmonton. Although vinyl fencing is a big investment, because of the durability and limited lifetime warranty that comes with it, it truly is the most cost-effective option. Additionally, although wood fencing used to be much cheaper, with the price increases on lumber over the past few years, vinyl fencing not only will last longer but will also be sold at a comparable up-front cost to that of wood fencing. The main difference? Vinyl fencing is much easier and quicker to install, saving property managers labour costs and time. 

At the end of the day, we want to make the lives of property managers easier and make their jobs more manageable. By installing a durable, long-lasting, low maintenance fence that will attract more tenants while not breaking the bank, property managers will receive all the benefits of a new fence with none of the hassle. 

If you’re a property manager looking to hire a fence company in Edmonton, Everlast Fencing is the right choice. We’ve got you covered for all of your fencing needs and are dedicated to helping you improve your property and fill it with tenants. When you work with Everlast, you will get a dedicated project manager assigned to your property who will see the project through to completion and deliver the highest quality possible.

Call our team today at 780-651-1562 to learn more and get started on high-quality fencing for your properties!

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